Red = in use · Black = gathering dust · Gray = sold, given away, or loaned

Headphones and Earphones

AIAIAI TMA-1 (with DIY straight cable)


AKG K180

AKG K315

Beyerdynamic DT 770 / 80 Ohm (with angled 3.5mm Neutrik plug)

Beyerdynamic T 50 p

DBI Pro-700 (cable armor removed, elevated Beyerdynamic DT 770 velours ear pads)

Final Audio Design Piano Forte II

German Maestro GMP 8.35 D

KitSound KSDJ

Koss KSC75 (with headband and pleather ear pads, Kramer-modded, and recabled)

Sennheiser HD 650

Sennheiser MX 400

Sony MDR-CD550 (broken)

Sony MDR-XD200

Ultrasone HFI-780 (with elevated ear pads, dampened drivers, shortened cable, and threaded 3.5mm Switchcraft plug)

Yuin G1A

Yuin G2A

Yuin OK1

In-Ear Phones

Brainwavz Alpha

Brainwavz B2

Brainwavz Beta Pro

Brainwavz M2

ClarityOne (with Super.Fi silicone tips, foam stuffed in the nozzles)

CrossRoads MylarOne Bijou 2

CrossRoads MylarOne Bijou 3

CrossRoads MylarOne Quattro

CrossRoads MylarOne X3

CrossRoads MylarOne X3i (recabled, with metal meshes instead of felt)

CrossRoads MylarOne XB

CrossRoads MylarOne XBi

Deal Extreme "Orange IEMs"

EarSonics SM3 (with Phonak PFE silicone tips on reversed Shure Olive tubes)

Ecci PR401

Etymotic ER-6

Etymotic MC5

Feels Pro 900 (with Sony Hybrid silicone tips)

Final Audio Design FI-BA-SB Heaven-S

Final Audio Design FI-DC1601SB (alternative review location)

Future Sonics Atrio M5 v1

Head-Direct RE0

Hifiman RE252

Hippo 10

Hippo Boom (with Sony Hybrid silicone tips, only used in combination with Nintendo DS)

Hippo Epic

Hippo Epic Sparkle

Hippo Groove

Hippo Pearl

Hippo Shroom

Hippo Shroom EB

Hippo White

Hippo VB (with Sony Hybrid silicone tips and Phonak silicone ear guides)

Jays q-Jays

Jays s-Jays



Kaidomain "V-Moda Vibe" (Chinese knockoffs)

Ortofon e-Q5 (cable modded for over-the-ear use)

Ortofon e-Q7

Panasonic RP-HJE900 (alternative review location) (with Phonak PFE silicone tips)

Phonak Audéo PFE 112

Phonak Audéo PFE 122

Phonak Audéo PFE 232

Radius HP-CAF11 Atomic Bass (recabled with Y-style cable, 40 Ohm SMT resistor in-line, with Super.Fi silicone tips)

Radius HP-TWF21 W N°2 DDM (channels reversed for over-the-ear use, with angled Neutrik 3.5mm plug, fabric cover removed from the cable, with Super.Fi silicone tips)

Radius HP-WCF11M Wood Art

Radius RHP-AS21 Acoustic Style

RHA MA-350

Sennheiser CX 300 (ghetto-modded with Y-style cable)

Sennheiser IE 8 (with Phonak silicone tips)

Shure SE530 (with Jays extension cable)

Sony MDR-EX51 (broken, with foam stuffed down the nozzle)

Soundmagic E10 (with Super.Fi silicone tips)

Soundmagic E30

Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 EB

Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 Pro

Ultimate Ears Super.Fi 5 v2

Ultimate Ears UE11 Pro (with DIY cable)

V-Moda Vibe (1st generation, recabled)

Westone 4

Portable Players

Archos 32 8GB (rooted, rockboxed)

Asus EEE 1015PN (Windows 7 Ultimate, 2x Atom N570, 2GB RAM, 500GB HDD, Foobar2000, MPC-HC/CCCP)

Cowon C2 4GB

Cowon D2 2GB + 8GB (converted to D2+, rockboxed)

Cowon D3 8GB + 32GB (rooted, rockboxed)

Cowon i9 16GB

Cowon J3 4GB + 16GB

Cowon O2 32GB + 8GB

Cowon S9 16GB

Cowon V5 8GB + 8GB (bricked via firmware update)

Cowon X5L (rockboxed, with 32GB CF card, dock, remote, original case)

Google Nexus 4 16GB (rooted, rockboxed)

Hama DMP-200

Hifiman HM-801 (alternative thread location)

HiSoundAudio AMP3 PRO1 (alternative review location)

iRiver H340 40GB (rockboxed)

Nationite NaNite N1 2GB

Nintendo DS Lite (soft-modded + Acekard 2.1/AKAIO 8GB + Edge DS 2GB + M3 Perfect Lite 2GB + Wood R4 256MB)

Panasonic RQ-SX10 Cassette Player

Panasonic RQ-SX71(?) Cassette Player

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 16GB + 32GB (4.2.2 PAC ROM)

Samsung YP-U1 2GB

Sansa Clip v1 1GB (rockboxed)

Sansa Clip v1 2GB (rockboxed)

Sansa Clip+ 8GB + 16GB (rockboxed)

Sansa Clip Zip 8GB + 16GB (rockboxed)

Sony Clié TH55/AeroPlayer 512MB MemoryStick Pro

Sony MZ-R3 MiniDisc Recorder

TrekStor Vibez 12GB

Portable Headphone Amps

Corda Headsix

Digizoid ZO1

Digizoid ZO2.1

Digizoid ZO2.3

Electric Avenues PA2V2

FiiO E3

FiiO E5

FiiO E6

FiiO E7

Go-Vibe Derringer

Go-Vibe Single

Headstage Arrow 12HE

Hippo Box

iBasso T4 (resistors removed for more bass and less hiss, insulated, dim green LED instead of bright blue one, paint removed)

Linearossa W1

Three Stones MiniBox-E+ (National LME49710 op-amps)

Home Headphone Amps

Echo AudioFire 4

Echo Indigo DJ

FiiO D5

FiiO E10

Woo Audio 6 (Mullard GZ34, RCA 6DE7)

Home Sources

California Audio Labs DX1

Echo AudioFire 4

Echo Indigo DJ

Echo Gina 20

FiiO D5

FiiO E10

Headstage USB DAC Cable

M-Audio Quattro

Marantz CD-42

Pro-Ject 1.0 (Audio Technica cartridge)

Pro-Ject 1.5 (with additional glass platter, Goldring Elan cartridge)

Sony DTC-690

Technics GT350


Harman/Kardon HK6100

Marantz PM4400


Infinity SM62

Klipsch KSW-12

Klipsch ProMedia GMX A-2.1

Polk RT5


Panasonic Viera EW30, 37"